Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Inauspicious Start to the Infinite Summer

I had highly anticipated the first day of Infinite Summer since I heard of the project a month or so ago. The monolithic slab of a book has been sitting on my bedroom coffee table for a few weeks, beckoning me to open it. Finally, Sunday June 21st -- the first day of summer, and the official 'start reading' day -- arrived, and I spent the whole day in the bathroom. I haven't had the flu in over 10 years, and I won't describe in graphic detail how hard this one hit me, but I do believe I was speaking in tongues at some point, and I somehow got in touch with my animal spirit while huddled on the cold tiles in a pool of my own sweat.

So, I'm already behind. Yesterday was also a blur. Today, I play catch-up.

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